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Migrate to the cloud 
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Systematic integration approach for your digital transformation journey

Integration is the key to the Intelligent Enterprise

Leverage all your data assets at the speed and accuracy your business requires

Intelligent Enterprises leverage their data assets effectively to achieve desired outcomes faster – and with less risk. By eliminating data silos and automating data wrangling and integration, you can recognize unseen patterns and provide new intelligence to service customers and employees.

To make the most of your data and become an Intelligent Enterprise, you need your data sources to be connected and integrated. Take an automated, guided approach to integration. Seamlessly integrate your SAP and non-SAP cloud environments and technologies, extend with open APIs, and more.

By connecting your systems at the right speed and accuracy, your business data will become meaningful and actionable.

Good integration systems and components are simple, reusable and sustainable so that the integration is invisible to the business. We combine technology, development and design to increase the overall effectiveness of the integration solutions that are at the heart of this Intelligent Enterprise. 

Our approach
Our approach

Integration connects all stages of your Digital Transformation journey

Dedicated integration stream ensures meaningful and actionable business data along the way

To become an Intelligent Enterprise, your Digital Transformation journey takes you through several stages, each with their dedicated implementation team to establish new features and functionalities.

While integration is the key to connected business data, it is often looked at as a supplemental activity, and becomes the cause for delays and rework. Like good plumbing, good integration ensures that business data is connected and flowing between your business systems at the speed and accuracy required to make meaningful decisions.

Having a dedicated integration stream embedded throughout your Digital Transformation implementations ensures that integration gets primary focus and your connected business data is meaningful and actionable. It ensures that the journey continues on time and on budget.

Our approach

Avoiding costly Integration issues

Discovering early and validating how all of your data behaves and looks in a future environment will provide the business and implementation team with the confidence to know what needs to be done to complete an integration and deliver the implementation on time and on budget.

To tackle this you need the knowledge, tools and methodology to enable this confidence from day one. Early and proper planning of the dedicated integration stream is critical because this will serve as your one constant throughout your entire Digital Transformation journey.

Business Integration powers the Intelligent Enterprise

Dedicated Partner for your Integration Stream

Comentec Business Integration combines business process knowledge and integration technology to design integration solutions that are simple, reusable and sustainable.

  • Simple: Remove complexity to lower the threshold of adoption
  • Reusable: Design solutions that can scale easily
  • Sustainable: Take into account the long term impact on maintenance and operations

The best integrations are invisible. They make data flow at the speed and accuracy required by the business processes they enable. Poorly implemented integrations are highly visible and irritate business users.

We partner with you on proper design and planning to ensure that your investment in integrations will pay off in the long term and provide a framework for building and operating consistent integrations in an ever evolving system landscape.

Our approach

Migrating from


Moving your third party integrations?

Our approach will help you move your interfaces to the cloud with confidence and ensure that your investment in integrations will pay off long term



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Our approach

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