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SuccessFactors third
party integrations

Ensuring your investment in
integrations will pay off long term

Systematic approach for SuccessFactors third party integrations


The best integrations are invisible. They make data flow at the speed and accuracy required by the business processes they enable. Poorly implemented integrations, on the other hand, are highly visible and irritate business users by slowing down business processes and undermining their trust in the data.

Proper design and planning ensures that your investment in integrations will pay off long term and provide a framework for building and operating consistent integrations in an ever evolving system landscape.

SuccessFactors Third Party Integrations


Create a People Integration inventory and create an integration implementation framework to migrate and build new integrations.


SuccessFactors Third Party Integrations


Model multiple integration variations, based on our design guidelines of simple, reusable, and sustainable.


SuccessFactors Third Party Integrations


Based on the evaluation of the model integrations, shift to a factory model to provide scale while maintaining consistent quality.


Migrate from Dell Boomi to SAP Cloud Platform Integration with confidence

Shift to sap cloud platform for enterprise wide sap integration

When shifting integration technology from Dell Boomi to SAP Cloud Platform Integration is right for you, you have an opportunity to go beyond replacement to a strategic approach to simplify your integrations and impact the long term maintenance and operation.

Based on our extensive experience in Dell Boomi, SAP Cloud Platform Integration, and SuccessFactors integrations, we can help you put together the business case for aligning with the latest SAP standards and a sustainable approach for your custom third party integrations.

We recently hosted a webcast on this subject, the link to the recording of that webcast is available below:

SuccessFactors Third Party Integrations
SuccessFactors Third Party Integrations

Avoiding costly Integration issues

Discovering early and validating how all of your data behaves and looks in a future environment will provide the business and implementation team with the confidence to know what needs to be done to complete an integration and deliver the implementation on time and on budget.

To tackle this you need the knowledge, tools and methodology to enable this confidence from day one. Early and proper planning of the dedicated integration stream is critical because this will serve as your one constant throughout your entire Digital Transformation journey.

Moving your third party integrations?

Our approach will help you move your interfaces to the cloud with confidence and ENSURe that YOUR INVESTMENT IN INTEGRATIONS WILL PAY OFF LONG TERM



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SuccessFactors Third Party Integrations

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