Webcast: Envision your journey to the Cloud. What does it take and what can I do to prepare?

Webcast Date: Thu. May 23rd @ 1PM

Moving to the cloud involves transforming core aspects of your business data models and processes, adopting new technologies, new roles, new responsibilities, moving and reconnecting your data, all while making sure that your business data remains meaningful and actionable.

In this webcast we will cover topics that will help you Envision your journey to the cloud from SAP HCM to Employee Central before you start any implementation:

    • Steps you can do now to prepare
    • Taking a Leading Practices approach and what this means for your implementation timeline
    • Avoiding roadblocks and making design decisions
    • Go over Data validation tools that can evaluate the data before starting any implementation
    • How Infoporter and advanced Infoporter Analytics fits into this approach